Wide screen LED wall at Stage C studio at Microsoft
Wide screen LED wall at Stage C at Microsoft, prepared for a discussion about inclusion
Wide screen LED wall at Stage C at Microsoft, set up to look like the skyline of Seattle
Team preparing to produce content at Microsoft Studios Stage C

Client Objective

Campus Studio

After the pandemic, Microsoft expressed a desire to have a central location for recording & streaming, intended for public broadcast, internal distribution, and training. We developed a plan for a wide-screen LED wall with XR integration that would allow them full access to express their imagination.

Benefits and Results

Endless Possibilities

The LED wall at Stage C is 11520 x 2160 pixels; 300 panels of AOTO 1.5mm LED.  Playback comes from Analog Way’s Picturall media server – with 3D world support and AR/XR tracking via custom Unreal Engine media servers.  If requested, Disguise servers can be deployed to support further playback or tracking requirements.  Simulated environments can be switched at a moment’s notice, allowing the on-screen talent to be anywhere, at any time, in any world you can imagine.  Our relationship with Microsoft continues and we look forward to every new concept they dream up.