Man presenting on the main stage at CES
James Cameron discussing the Mercedes-Benz concept car,  VISION AVTR, at CES
Big screen showing an image of Meg Whitman, who was pitching Quibi, at CES
Shot of the full stage and screen with man presenting at CES

Client Objective

The Future of Technology

Competing for stage time in the renowned Park Theater, there are only so many spots for headline generating keynotes from the biggest corporations in tech.  Samsung and Daimler presented, and Jeffrey Katzenberg and Meg Whitman pitched their idea – Quibi, which as history has shown us, didn’t quite make it.  One highlight of the event was Mercedes-Benz releasing a concept car called – VISION AVTR, inspired by the movie AVATAR, and featuring James Cameron himself on-stage to discuss the process behind it.

Benefits and Results

What a Brilliant Wall

We hunkered down for 8 days of set, show, and strike. Things had to be timed to slide in and out before Lady Gaga’s planned residency, and the Park Theater crew was ready to help.  Carpenters built a massive extension to the main stage so that we could build LED accent walls incorporated with the wood.  The main stage wall was massive, beautiful, and all-encompassing.  We brought multiple audio consoles and patched Dante to locations all across the venue.  This handled the task of routing a vast assortment of video signals in and out of our ‘flypack village’.  The show was an incredible success and we have continued our relationship with CTA, CES, Samsung, and Daimler.