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Featured equipment

Yamaha CL5 72-channel Digital Mixing Console
Image of the Yamaha CL5 72-channel Digital Mixing Console

Designed to excel in live sound and broadcast applications, the Yamaha CL5 digital mixer delivers outstanding sound quality and impressive show control. Connect Rio series stage boxes for up to 72 mono and eight stereo mixable channels, with 32 channel faders and two master faders for control. Built-in Virtual Circuitry Modeling created by Rupert Neve Designs gives you access to Neve Portico 5033 EQ and Portico 5043 compressor/limiter processors, plus other spot-on emulations of classic hardware processors. And built-in Dan Dugan automatic mixing makes it easy for any operator to optimize microphones and effectively fight feedback. In short, world-class sound is easily attainable with the Yamaha CL5 digital mixer.

Available Equipment

  • Allen & Heath QU-16
  • Allen & Heath SQ5
  • Behringer X32 Rack Digital Mixer
  • Yamaha CL5
  • Yamaha CL1
  • Mackie 1402
  • Soundcraft 6-channel mixer

Speakers & Amps

Featured equipment

Nexo Geo M10 Line Array
Image of the Nexo Geo M10 Line Array

Geo M10 is a great choice for theaters and conference halls in both mobile and fixed installations. Using the Touring Bumper to fly 2 x MSUB15s with 6 x GEO M1012 per side weighs in at under 250Kg to make a compact system that leaves sight lines unaffected from every seat in the house.

Available Equipment

  • Nexo ID24T
  • Nexo PS8
  • Nexo PS10
  • Nexo PS15
  • Nexo RS15 Subwoofer
  • Nexo RS18 Subwoofer
  • Nexo NXAMP4x1MK2
  • Nexo NXAMP4x4MK2
  • QSC K10
  • QSC KW181 Subwoofer
  • Fostex 6301B
  • Neumann KH-120AG Studio Monitor
  • Tannoy Reveal


Featured equipment

Shure Axient Digital Wireless Microphones
Image of the Shure Axient Digital Wireless receiver

The Shure AD4Q-US is a 4-channel wireless receiver housed in a rugged, single-rack unit complete with cable and mounting accessories. Part of the Axient Digital system, it delivers mission-critical signal stability and clear, transparent sound for professional productions that demand flawless execution.

Available Equipment

  • Shure Axient AD4D Dual and Quad Receivers
  • Shure ULXD4D Single, Dual and Quad Receivers
  • Countryman E6 Microphone
  • DPA 4066 Headset Package
  • Crown PCC 170SW Boundary Mic
  • Sennheiser 421
  • Sennheiser MD46
  • Shure SM57, SM58, SM7B
  • MKH 418 S P48
  • Rode Videomic Pro+
  • Neumann KM184
  • Dante Audio Integration

Intercom systems

Featured equipment

Riedel “Artist” Series Digital Intercom featuring Bolero Wireless
Image of the Reidel “Artist” Series Digital Intercom featuring Bolero Wireless

As an all-new wireless intercom system capable of supporting up to 250 beltpacks and 100 antennas in a single deployment, Bolero is a true game-changer. Bolero redefines the wireless intercom category with features such as its ADR (Advanced DECT Receiver) with multi-diversity and anti-reflection technology for greater RF robustness, “Touch&Go” NFC beltpack registration, and versatile operation as a wireless beltpack, a wireless keypanel, or — in an industry first — a walkie-talkie.

Available Equipment

  • Riedel Wired & Wireless Intercom System
  • Clear-Com FreeSpeak Wireless Intercom System
  • RTS Omneo Digital Intercom System
  • RTS Wired Intercom System
  • Lectrosonics Wireless IFB
  • RTS Wired IFB
  • Studio Technologies Wireless IFB
  • Dante Audio Integration
  • Focusrite REDNET D64R