Image of the auctioneers and Spiderman at the 2022 OMSI Gala in the Turbine Hall
Image of women in fancy ballgowns as part of the theme for the 2022 OMSI gala
Full shot of the Turbine Hall and the 2022 OMSIGala
Image of people sitting at a long table eating dinner during the 2022 OMSI Gala

Client Objective

Celebrate OMSI’s unique brand of hands-on science learning

The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry’s annual gala is a chance for hundreds of community leaders to join and celebrate 70+ years of nonprofit dedication in their historic “Turbine Hall”.  In their signature blend of science, family, and fun, OMSI aims to eclipse expectations of fundraising and continue to provide their impact on the Portland landscape.

Benefits and Results

A Night to Remember

In the past, OMSI had built a tent outside near the main entrance, although the past few annual iterations of the event were moved inside to “Turbine Hall”.  This is a historic area of OMSI campus, and we utilized the space to intertwine it with our audio/visual gear. Screens and lights were hung around the room, and (4) Sony 5500 4k cameras were routed to the mezzanine where we built our tech booth. With a mix of graphic elements, lower thirds, video playback, and music cues, we helped auctioneer Johnna Wells and OMSI raise over $1.1 million dollars and secure funding for future projects.