Image of the entire stadium for the DOTA 2 World Championships
Closer shot of the trophy for the winner of the the DOTA 2 World Championships

Client Objective

A Modern Multiplayer Masterpiece

Our relationship with the team at Valve has produced an ongoing confidence in the ability to produce outstanding Dota 2 Championships. This 5v5 multiplayer game is regarded by many as the “best of the best” and has offered purses for the winning team upwards of $22 million dollars.  Each year we work in tandem with Valve as they choose the next international location to house this highly respected event.

Benefits and Results

A Plethora of Cable

Our symbiosis with Valve for the 2021 event in Bucharest, Romania earned MeyerPro and others an Emmy for “Outstanding Esports Championship Coverage”.  We looked to replicate that success in 2022 – this time in Singapore.  Hundreds of miles of cable were run to various cameras in the venue, as well as hotel rooms for players should they become ill and have to quarantine.  Our broadcast compound became the heart of a dense network of signal flow, routed to different Broadcasters for a number of countries, to be broadcasted in their native language.  All of this for an international broadcast that boasted 2.74 million viewers.